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First Royal Derby Game in North America

KGM, Score Gaming and Alfastreet are jointly celebrating the installation of North America’s first Royal Derby interactive horse racing table game at Fantasy Springs Resort and Casino.

It took international teamwork and collaboration to bring this innovative, ten-station horse race game to the American market. The game was designed by Slovenia-based game creators Alfastreet, and brought to life by KGM of Philadelphia, the exclusive United States manufacturer of Alfastreet games. Score Gaming serves as the California distributor for KGM.

“We launched Royal Derby this past Friday and our players are really loving the game,” said Dan Casper, director of slot operations for Fantasy Springs. “With its colourful signage, large physical presence and galloping mechanical horses, this game introduces a whole new level excitement on casino floor.” This one-of-a-kind game, currently without competition on the market, captures the thrills of live racing at the horse track. The realistic horse race game challenges players to predict which horse or group of horses will finish in the top three positions. With an integrated sound system, special sound effects and a unique layout that places players around an authentically-detailed center racetrack, Royal Derby creates a truly immersive experience.

Royal Derby players have access to a rich statistical database that serves a function much like racing forms at a live horse track. The database provides information about the individual horses participating in each race, including their strengths, weaknesses and other valuable details. Previous race results can be viewed and evaluated to place the perfect bet. The whole race is filmed with a moving camera and a real-time feed is displayed above the track and on the playing terminals.

“In addition to the Royal Derby game install, we launched North America’s first Alfastreet R5 automated roulette game at Fantasy Springs this past Friday,” said Jason Peters, president of KGM. “These games excel at encouraging socialisation among casino players while increasing profits for casino operators through automated play.”

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