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Double-Up Blackjack by Score Gaming

New blackjack variants for land-based casinos are rare these days. Most of the table game market is focused on creating mobile and social games based on classic game rules. Double-Up Blackjack is based on the rules of standard Las Vegas blackjack, but with a unique side bet available. Double-Up Blackjack was Score Gaming's big product release at G2E 2015. In Double-Up Blackjack by Score Gaming, players have the option of doubling-up their wager on any two-card hand, up to the amount of the original ante.

The conventional wisdom on table games with side bets is that they're not worth your time. But that's not necessarily the case with Double-Up Blackjack. According to an analysis by a third-party auditor, the game's house edge is 0.84%. Without knowledge of basic strategy, a standard Vegas blackjack table with the same number of decks (six) gives the house an edge of about 0.5%. In other words, you're not paying that much for the side bet.

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